There are many suggested ‘rules’ we are told to follow when dressing. But isn’t fashion all about breaking rules? 

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Red and pink clash:

This combination is incredibly feminine. Try adding an orange with softer shades of colour or go bright for an ultra-modern look. If this is still too daring opt for a red shoe and a pink top breaking up the colours with denim or a neutral pant.

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Navy and black don’t go together:

Many people still believe you shouldn’t mix navy & black when putting an outfit together however when done correctly it can be incredibly chic. If you are using a dark navy make sure you are breaking up the black and navy with another colour. This helps to distinguish between the two tones. If you want to wear head to toe black and navy choose a brighter navy that stands out against the black. With so much navy in stores this is one you have to try.

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Blue & green should never be seen:

This myth will be well and truly busted by the end of SS15 being that it is the biggest colour combination to come out of Europe this season. Try adding a splash of white to give your outfit an even fresher look.